Finding The Best Lawrence KS Photographer

Photographer taking picture of table

Despite our ridiculously easy access to cameras in our everyday life, there’s still nothing like a professional photograph of your special day. When taken by an expert, the photos really are pieces of art that can be cherished for generations to come. Even with today’s technology and video and audio equipment, there is something timeless about a still photograph that only skilled Lawrence KS photographers can bring out.

Photographers in Lawrence Have Unique Styles, So Choose Wisely!

Each event photographer is different, with their own unique style that is reflected in their work. For example, a wedding photographer in Lawrence, KS pays special attention to the surrounding non-events going on around a wedding, like the way the lights and decorations hang from the venue or a small child taking a nap during the reception. Some people have special preferences, such as wanting all their photographs in black and white. Whatever it is you want, it is important to do research and look at various photographers in order to get a better sense of what their unique style is and ensure it meshes with your vision for your special day.

Meeting Your Lawrence Photography Pro

Once you have viewed a number of examples and portfolios, it is time to sit down and talk about precisely what you want to get out of your session or how you want your special event to be shot. Give the Lawrence Kansas photographer as exact of an idea of what you envision because the clearer you are about your expectations, the better the end results. This meeting can also be used to determine the cost of the services. Many photographers have a sitting fee and then go from there on how much they like to charge for their services. Talk to your photographer about specifics like printing options, and if you will be getting a copy of all photos in a digital format.

Things To Consider

There can be many special considerations to take into account depending on if you need something simple like a Christmas card shoot or a full event like a wedding. The first thing to decide on should be the location. If the photographer isn’t that familiar with the Lawrence, KS area, you may want to go for a walk to see what might make a good backdrop. It could be a park near your house or a special landmark in the area. Giving your chosen photographers some good options when they arrive will save a lot of time. Next up, you need to decide what you will wear. If you are doing a family photo, consider wearing mostly solid colors. If Uncle Jim has a wild Hawaiian shirt, it could distract from others in the photo. Lots of families like to color coordinate to keep their look themed or cohesive.

Another important thing to keep in mind – especially for brides or young women taking a senior photo – is to not do something to your hair or face that you wouldn’t normally. You don’t want to look like someone else in the picture – you just want to look like the best best version of yourself. Also, consider using matte or non-glossy makeup – it often looks best in photos.